Birthday Party Organized By RedSalt Cuisine At Gulmohar Green Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad

This is a tale of a young kid named Dhruv that surely going to remember his amazing birthday party organized by skilled people of Red Salt cuisine. He himself thanked our team and told to do the same next year. Such pleasing words from a young boy were like listening to short birthday party story that inspired all of us. So you might be thinking that how did we planned and executed the entire event, right? Well, all we’ll say that it requires clear-cut understanding, creative thinking and precise organizing at logical cost by not missing fun element. It’s a long story so let’s segregate it:

Pre-Planning: Before Birthday Event

The parent told us that they would like to throw an amazing party to their child and we were so glad that they choose us. They showed us the picture by seeing we can clearly say that he’s active kid and kids that are active always seek for interesting things. Our skilled team got in grabbing the details from the parents for an amazing birthday bash. We surely didn’t want to disappoint any of the guest especially the birthday boy and their parents.

• Taste and preference
• Type of dishes that they like to place
• Timing and duration
• Additional services that they like to prefer
• Likes and dislikes of Dhruv
• Numbers of people that are coming and many more
• Types of soft drinks

After having hour of conversation, we clearly knows what needed to be done on decoration, interesting menu, number of guest that are coming and interesting games to keep on exciting other children’s. As of our past experience, we know that impressing a kid is much harder task comparing to adults and it just takes matter of time to decide whether event is successful or boring.

It was going to be an club house party and we just had a half day to completely decorate with balloons and ribbons. We arrived at location 10 am and relatives told us that birthday boy is going to arrive at 6 PM. In just a short span of time there were so many things to do.

Balloons, Ribbon and Mickey Mouse Decoration

Best thing about the event is that parents were grateful enough to let us handle all the decoration.

We divide the team to carry out seating arrangement and decoration. In just couple of hours the entire area was looking stunning and we couldn’t be more proud.

• The complete room was adorned by more than 1000 colorful balloons and wall was looking so vibrant

• We put Mickey Mouse sculpture so that kids can have their best time.

The next thing, it was about the catering and cuisine. Time has come to showcase the best example of our service. This is the part where one just can’t event think of messing around. The heart of any event lies on 2 question: how delicious the food was and quality of staff service. Any nitty gritty could result into massive failure and we made sure that we select the best dish item served in professional and hygenic manner.

Here’s What We Have Included:

There were three tasks to achieve: fabulous decoration, interesting games and delicious food. The part of the fabulous decoration was already covered and it was time for delicious food items.

The catering service provided by us is famous in entire Ghaziabad and we clearly don’t want to ruin that. We already had the discussion with the parents and they instructed us what to include and what not to. Their family was pure vegetarian and believes in healthy eating. This was enough for us to direct so we choose to make:

• Starter- Noodles, Raj Kachori, Dahi Bhalle, Noodles, Paneer Tikka
• Main Course- Shahi Paneer, Basmati Rice, Chole, Tava Sabji, Butter Naan, Dal Makhni
• Sweet Dishes- Ice-Cream, Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun
• Soft Drinks In Beverages

Loads of Shows and Excitement

We planned to give the fabulous moment to all the friends and family. For the excitement we invited:

• Magic show for the kids
• DJ player to dance
• Tattoo makers
• Interesting games and activities

We clicked some of the magical moment of the celebration that clearly showcases the successful of our party. It was so nice for us to see all of them enjoying and celebrating together. The birthday boy definitely enjoying and smile on his was wan enough to tell the success of all we did.

Amazing Positive Feedback

The reaction and the response we got were simply amazing and motivating to our entire team. First we asked the birthday boy how the party is. To which he politely said:

“It’s marvelous and I’m having a great time with my friends thanks and do the same thing next year also”- said by the Dhruv.

Some of the parents were extremely impressed that they planned to contact us in near future as they wanted to the same for their kids also.

• Wording from parents- “we could expect much better than this, it’s good to see that everything went well and my kid is having the best time”

• When we asked the children’s what they liked the most, we got different but incredible response- I like the Mickey mouse, dance was incredible and food was amazing”

We asked some of the other guest to share their feedback to which they kind heartedly obliged.

• “Birthday party should be like this and your team did a great job by delivering the precise event”– Hemant

• It’s extremely good to see that kid is having a great time, it’s even better that my childhood birthday” – Sunil

• “I’m going to do the same thing for my daughter birthday. The complete party was enjoyable”– Pratap

• “The arrangement of the food and other fun factor was simply amazing. Alongside Dhruv, we enjoyed too”– Sagar

At the end of the day, we thanked the parents for the opportunity. Each event is like a fabulous experience to us that makes us confident and motivates us in what we accomplish.


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